Jenny McGrath Art art



Living in Australia with so much stunning scenery has generated my passion for painting.  I love the beauty found in nature and I use a visual language of colour, form, and texture to emphasise mood, feelings and expression.

My paintings  explore the ephemeral effect of nature and how it is reflective of the transient nature of life. I am also fascinated by the translucency of water and the refraction of light and the reflection of colour. 


I was inspired to create this piece as it is like a breath of fresh air, the wellbeing and tranquillity that settles over your soul. It reminds me of the pleasure that you feel when the ocean breeze caresses your skin in harmony with the gentle crashing of the ocean.

Feel the Breeze

Tranquillity and peace,

harmony to the soul, 

the quietness or crashing of the ocean,

the hue of a spring time sky

Divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. I paint flowers for their beauty but they also symbolise many key events in our lives. I was drawn to this image as I am intrigued trying to capture the gentle ebb of the water on the flower and how the sunlight dances through the water.


Divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect.

Beautiful Perth sunset seducing your senses

Romantic Sunset

Beautiful Perth sunset seducing your senses