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jenny mcgrath art



Thank you for visiting my site.

As an artist living in Australia, every day is inspiring. When I feel creative and expressive, the colours of Austalia’s oceans, sunsets and natural landscape, for me, make painting a joy. I love the art culture that exists here, and I love its rich history of original art. My favorite thing is to capture a moment from nature and express it in my work.

I was privileged to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture from Curtin University in Western Australia and spend time studying and painting in France. During this time I got to understand the healing, creative and expressive benefits of being an artist and how connected and beautiful the art community is.

My goal is to create a space in Australia to paint continuously. I want to attract visitors and artists alike to come along and join in. If you are looking for an original piece of art, created with love and passion, to fill your space with color and energy, please look through my work and see if something connects with you.